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Alcohol.Think Again ‘Glassbody’ Blackbird VFX

The new Alcohol.Think Again ‘Glassbody’ campaign aims to build on the successful ‘What you can’t see’ campaign which has run since July 2014. The campaign is a joint initiative between the Mental Health Commission (MHC), and Curtin University (McCusker Centre for Action on Alcohol and Youth).

This one is on the Cardio system

and the Digestive system

and here is a VFX Breakdown

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CG Lead / Lighting TD.

Agency: The Brand Agency
Production Company: Blackbird
Director: Blackbird
Visual Effects: Blackbird

PnO – VFX Breakdown – Blackbird

Blackbird VFX – TAC

I was the CG Lead and Lighting TD for this project at Blackbird VFX.

Agency: Clemenger BBDO
Production Company: Finch
Director: Christopher Riggert
Visual Effects: Blackbird

Kazoops – Netflix, ABC, BBC childrens TV series

I was the Lighting TD and CG Lead for the title sequence and supervised the creation of the house exterior.


Olympics Ch7 2016

I was the CG Lead and Lighting / Rendering TD at Mighty Nice for this project.


BUCK Oreo Cadbury Print campaign

I was the CG Lead on this project.


01_Cadbury_Print_Hula 02_Cadbury_Print_Transit 03_Cadbury_Print_Bike 04_Cadbury_Print_Checkout 05_Cadbury_Print_Mermaid 06_Cadbury_Print_SlotCar 07_Cadbury_Print_Cyc

BUCK – Woolmark

Production: BUCK
Description:  CG Lead/ LookDev / Yeti fur – fleece


Yeti fleece

sheep_shorn sheep_fleece yeti desGuybedGirl



Lead a team of 10 3D artists to deliver a 110 sec spot over 5 months.

  • I was responsible for hiring of staff, bidding and allocating times to tasks. Co-planned and scheduled the project.
  • Liaising with the designers to ensure their vision was upheld and executed.
  • Collaborated with the riggers to build a common face rig system across all the characters and the 5 body types. Integrated character changes, mesh and UV updates in the pipeline.
  • Developed and created the sheep’s groom/fur with Yeti.
  • Textured and look-developed the 5 Bedouin people’s outfit shaders.
  • Created and troubleshot shading files for alembic caches.
  • Compositing in Nuke, fixes and adjustments. Maintained the conformed edit with Nuke Studio, and generating final outputs.
  • Performed daily IT and computer / network tasks with offsite admins.
  • Mentored and encouraged other artists.

Also lead a 3D team for Oreo/Cadbury OOH Print campaign delivering 9 high res posters. Helped with 3D lookdev on the 60 second film.

Telstra PrePaid and Datashare

Title: Telstra – PrePaid and Datashare
Production: Mighty Nice
Description:  Lighting and Rendering TD, Modeling / surfacing (joint effort)



Title: Cuddly
Production: Mighty Nice
Description:  Lighting and Rendering TD

Fandangles Fairy Floss and Choc Schmellow

Title: Fandangles – Fairy Floss and Choc Schmellow
Production: Mighty Nice
Description:  Lighting and Rendering TD / Generalist / fire smoke FX / 3D Nuke Layout

QBE Home and Insurance

Title: QBE  – Home and Insurance Box
Production: Mighty Nice
Description: CG Lead / Generalist / Lighting / Rendering TD –

Farm Heroes

Project Title: Farm Heroes – King
Production: Mighty Nice
Description: Lighting / Rendering TD – Vray ,  3D generalist, shot assembly.


Cartier Odyssée

Project Title: Cartier
Production: Mirari & Co.
Format: 90 sec TVC 1080p
Description: Senior 3D Artist / Lighting / Rendering /Compositing.




Project Title: The LEGO Movie
Production: Animal Logic
Format: 3D Stereo CG animated feature film
Description: Digital Artist – lighting, rendering, compositing.

I am currently working as a Lighter/Compositor at Animal Logic on The Lego Movie.

Production tools include:  Maya / PRman / Nuke


Tuggerah Lakes Estuary

Project Title: Tuggerah Lakes estuary
Production: Magnificent Itch – May 2013
Format: 2min TVC 720p
Description: Lighting / Rendering TD.  Surfacing & Pipeline management. Senior 3D Generalist

Walking with Dinosaurs 3D

Project Title: Walking with Dinosaurs 3D
Production: Animal Logic
Format: 3D Stereo feature film 2k
Description: Lighting Artist – responsible for shot lighting and pre compositing of Dinosaurs.


Ali_onBeach Ali_trees AliCatch byLake crabsBeach1 crabsBeach2 eye_CU TeriFeathers underIce snowWoods2 snowWoods1


BNZ Total Money

Project Title: BNZ Total Money
Production: Assembly – Auckland
Format: 1x30sec and 1x15sec TVC 1080p
Description: Lighting / Rendering TD. Surfacing and modeling, Scene management. Maya to Max pipeline.


Project Title: Landcare for L.I.F.E.
Production: Mighty Nice
Format: 2min TVC 720p
Description: Lighting / Rendering TD. Nuke compositing. Surfacing and some modeling, Scene and project management. Maya to Max pipeline.


Van – modeling, shaders, lighting, rendering, comp.
Black BMW – shaders, lighting, rendering and comp.

Dinning Room – 3 Lighting scenarios

I decided to take this model and light it under varying lighting conditions.

Bottersnikes and Gumbles

Project Title: Bottersnikes and Gumbles (2012-2015)
Production: MightyNice
Format: Short pilot (2min) 52x11min Episodes. Channel 7, BBC, Netflicks
Description: 3D Lead / Lighting and Vray Render TD

Kids comedy animation for 6 – 9 year olds, based on the legendary 1970’s book series. In development with Mighty Nice and Cheeky Little media.





Test+Render (2)

Test+Render (1)




Project Title: Birds Eye 2010 (Dec 2010)
Production: Kapow Pictures
Format: 1 x 45 sec Stereo 3D cinema spot
Description: Lighting and rendering TD. Render farm setup and maintenance. Texturing and surfacing of Captain, fish, whale.


Project Title: Lease Plan – Plant
Production: Mighty Nice
Format: 1 x 30 sec tvc
Description: Lighting and rendering TD.