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Project Buffalo – VFX Breakdown by Blackbird

This is a VFX Breakdown of the work Blackbird did on a TV series called Project Buffalo.
I was responsible for the shaders, lookDev, lighting and rendering of the Bristol plane shots and the camp site aerial shot. (set extension with buildings, trees, vehicles and people)
I used Maya, Houdini and Redshift.

Production Company: Porchlight
Director: Peter Duncan
Visual Effects: Blackbird

Crabby – Houdini particle advection

Houdini – Advect Particles and rendered with Redshift
It was inspired by this tutorial by Ahmed Adel.

The Commons

CG Lead / Lighting TD at Blackbird VFX


CG Lead / Lighting TD at Blackbird VFX
other credits include Sebastian Fletcherand and Nick Kaloterakis for the half car.

Agency: M&C Saatchi
Production Company: In The Thicket
Director: Helmi
Visual Effects: Blackbird

Animal Logic – LEGO and Dinosaurs 2013

Here is my Lighting and compositing work from “The LEGO Movie” and Walking with Dinosaurs. 2013/2014

Dulux – ‘Balloons – Colour Maze’

Agency: BMF
Production Company: Photoplay
Director: Scott Otto Anderson
Visual Effects: Blackbird

HSBC – ‘Set it Free’

I modeled, surfaced, lit and rendered the bedroom cot bottle.

Agency: J Walter Thompson Aus.
Production Company: Rabbit
Director: Lachlan Dickie
Visual Effects: Blackbird


I was the CG Lead on this project. The job included total background replacements, water sims, CG cars, boats and planes, a robot and a tonne of dust FX to tie it all together.

We used Maya / V-Ray, Houdini / Redshift to pull this off.

Making of / VFX Breakdown

Honda – ‘Centre of Everything’

Honda CRV

Honda Civic – ‘The Joy of Moving You’

Agency: Leo Burnett Melbourne
Production Company: Scoundrel
Director: Michael Spiccia
Visual Effects: Blackbird

Ernst Young MBA

This online spot for Ernst & Young’s Master of Business program was produced and directed at “In the Thicket”

I was responsible for the majority of the commercial from modelling / shading / dynamics / lighting and rendering. I chose Googles cloud rendering solution; ZYNC and VRay to turn these frames around in a fast and efficient manner. C4D was also used on a few of the dynamics shots and brought back into Maya with alembic. Enjoy !

Alcohol.Think Again ‘Glassbody’ Blackbird VFX

The new Alcohol.Think Again ‘Glassbody’ campaign aims to build on the successful ‘What you can’t see’ campaign which has run since July 2014. The campaign is a joint initiative between the Mental Health Commission (MHC), and Curtin University (McCusker Centre for Action on Alcohol and Youth).

This one is on the Cardio system

and the Digestive system

and here is a VFX Breakdown

hope you like them,

CG Lead / Lighting TD.

Agency: The Brand Agency
Production Company: Blackbird
Director: Blackbird
Visual Effects: Blackbird