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Project Buffalo – VFX Breakdown by Blackbird

This is a VFX Breakdown of the work Blackbird did on a TV series called Project Buffalo.
I was responsible for the shaders, lookDev, lighting and rendering of the Bristol plane shots and the camp site aerial shot. (set extension with buildings, trees, vehicles and people)
I used Maya, Houdini and Redshift.

Production Company: Porchlight
Director: Peter Duncan
Visual Effects: Blackbird

Crabby – Houdini particle advection

Houdini – Advect Particles and rendered with Redshift
It was inspired by this tutorial by Ahmed Adel.

The Commons

CG Lead / Lighting TD at Blackbird VFX


CG Lead / Lighting TD at Blackbird VFX
other credits include Sebastian Fletcherand and Nick Kaloterakis for the half car.

Agency: M&C Saatchi
Production Company: In The Thicket
Director: Helmi
Visual Effects: Blackbird

Animal Logic – LEGO and Dinosaurs 2013

Here is my Lighting and compositing work from “The LEGO Movie” and Walking with Dinosaurs. 2013/2014

Dulux – ‘Balloons – Colour Maze’

Agency: BMF
Production Company: Photoplay
Director: Scott Otto Anderson
Visual Effects: Blackbird