Category: Lighting / Rendering

Cartier Odyssée

Project Title: Cartier
Production: Mirari & Co.
Format: 90 sec TVC 1080p
Description: Senior 3D Artist / Lighting / Rendering /Compositing.




Project Title: The LEGO Movie
Production: Animal Logic
Format: 3D Stereo CG animated feature film
Description: Digital Artist – lighting, rendering, compositing.

I am currently working as a Lighter/Compositor at Animal Logic on The Lego Movie.

Production tools include:  Maya / PRman / Glimpse / Nuke


Tuggerah Lakes Estuary

Project Title: Tuggerah Lakes estuary
Production: Magnificent Itch – May 2013
Format: 2min TVC 720p
Description: Lighting / Rendering TD.  Surfacing & Pipeline management. Senior 3D Generalist

Walking with Dinosaurs 3D

Project Title: Walking with Dinosaurs 3D
Production: Animal Logic
Format: 3D Stereo feature film 2k
Description: Lighting Artist – responsible for shot lighting and pre compositing of Dinosaurs.


Ali_onBeach Ali_trees AliCatch byLake crabsBeach1 crabsBeach2 eye_CU TeriFeathers underIce snowWoods2 snowWoods1


BNZ Total Money

Project Title: BNZ Total Money
Production: Assembly – Auckland
Format: 1x30sec and 1x15sec TVC 1080p
Description: Lighting / Rendering TD. Surfacing and modeling, Scene management. Maya to Max pipeline.


Project Title: Landcare for L.I.F.E.
Production: Mighty Nice
Format: 2min TVC 720p
Description: Lighting / Rendering TD. Nuke compositing. Surfacing and some modeling, Scene and project management. Maya to Max pipeline.


Van – modeling, shaders, lighting, rendering, comp.
Black BMW – shaders, lighting, rendering and comp.

Dinning Room – 3 Lighting scenarios

I decided to take this model and light it under varying lighting conditions.

Bottersnikes and Gumbles

Project Title: Bottersnikes and Gumbles (2012-2015)
Production: MightyNice
Format: Short pilot (2min) 52x11min Episodes. Channel 7, BBC, Netflicks
Description: 3D Lead / Lighting and Vray Render TD

Kids comedy animation for 6 – 9 year olds, based on the legendary 1970’s book series. In development with Mighty Nice and Cheeky Little media.





Test+Render (2)

Test+Render (1)




Project Title: Birds Eye 2010 (Dec 2010)
Production: Kapow Pictures
Format: 1 x 45 sec Stereo 3D cinema spot
Description: Lighting and rendering TD. Render farm setup and maintenance. Texturing and surfacing of Captain, fish, whale.