3D fractal lantern 2012
This form was generated using a fluid container in Maya. It was then converted to geometry and rendered with a vray sss shader. Other effects added in post.


Ink test, FumeFX and Krakatoa 2012
200 million particles


inspired by the Olympic “In the Blink of an Eye Exhibition 2012”

Motion capture of a gymnast performing a “back hand string with tuck” is loaded onto a biped. This drives the animations timing and positions. I have parented shapes to various parts of the body which generate the 3D curves using ghostTrails. Particles are also emitted form the skeleton. Negative wind sucks the particles back to the skeleton and other forces act to dampen their vectors and speed.

For this green one, a box (the size of the biped) is skinned to the whole rig. I applied a strong noise modifier and a lattice mod to it as well. Box shapes are emitted from the rig which intern spawn more particles.


A test using a clone modifier and vray Bercon Metaballs.


Abstract organic forms, textures and patterns.

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