Production: BUCK
Description:  CG Lead/ LookDev / Yeti fur – fleece




Yeti fleece

sheep_shorn sheep_fleece yeti desGuybedGirl



Lead a team of 10 3D artists to deliver a 110 sec spot over 5 months.

  • I was responsible for hiring of staff, bidding and allocating times to tasks. Co-planned and scheduled the project.
  • Liaising with the designers to ensure their vision was upheld and executed.
  • Collaborated with the riggers to build a common face rig system across all the characters and the 5 body types. Integrated character changes, mesh and UV updates in the pipeline.
  • Developed and created the sheep’s groom/fur with Yeti.
  • Textured and look-developed the 5 Bedouin people’s outfit shaders.
  • Created and troubleshot shading files for alembic caches.
  • Compositing in Nuke, fixes and adjustments. Maintained the conformed edit with Nuke Studio, and generating final outputs.
  • Performed daily IT and computer / network tasks with offsite admins.
  • Mentored and encouraged other artists.

Also lead a 3D team for Oreo/Cadbury OOH Print campaign delivering 9 high res posters. Helped with 3D lookdev on the 60 second film.

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